Friday, 19 August 2011

DigitalNZ Search Widget - Modern Children's Literature

Some of the most beautiful books published today are children's books. Picture books with gorgeous illustrations, non-fiction books with stunning photos and diagrams, and fiction books with creative use of colour, pictures and presentation. Can you tell I'm passionate about children's literature?

If you're interested, how could you find out about modern New Zealand children's books?
Just use the handy DigitalNZ widget in the right side bar of this blog!
Alternatively use the ChildrensBooks search tool at DigitalNZ.
The keywords used to set up the search tool were children AND books. There are also time limits (after 1990) placed on the search to find only information related to modern books. Searches will return material from all sources in DigitalNZ.

I carried out an example search for 'picture books' and received 96 results, including photos of a book launch for Sharon Holt's new book.  Sharon is a friend of mine so I am shamelessly promoting Sharon by using her as an example of a DigitalNZ Children's Literature search. The search terms 'authors', 'Sharon Holt' and even 'mothers' also returned information about Sharon, as well as a great variety of other material.

If you're a librarian, teacher or someone who just loves children's books this search tool should be useful for you.

Launch of Sharon Holt's book
 'Your Mother Didn't Do That'.
Image by Rae on DigitalNZ

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